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April 28, 2014
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April 30, 2014

The widespread use of filters is quite common theses days and they are used in lots of different ways, being really useful for the prevention of dirt and foreign bodies from entering our food chain and ultimately our own bodies. Filtered water is becoming really popular and is fitted more and more in homes, either retro fit or new build. Below is a guide to fitting a tap for filtered water. Firstly you should check that your water pressure meets the minimum / maximum pressures required by the maker, Walworth Plumbers are qualified to fit filter taps.

An all in one:

This tap consists of a new triple outlet tap, with flexible pipe tails and mounting brackets for the tap and filter unit. It also has flexible water hoses which are used to supply the filtered water.

Filter Unit:

The filter unit itself needs, ideally to be mounted somewhere under the sink being held securely in its own bracket. This allows a nice and easy connection to the plumbing. It can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. A Walworth Plumber fits filter units and associated fittings.

Plumb and Mount the Tap:

Shut off both hot and cold water supply. Drain down the pipe work. If this is a new installation, or the correct position cannot be found, you will have to modify the pipes. Disconnect the fitted mixer tap and all its pipes. Place the top mounting gasket on the base of the tap assembly and position in the tap hole. Secure in position using the horseshoe plate and stud together with the supplied washers. Connect the new flexible pipe tails to the hot and cold water supply connections. Connect the plastic water hoses to and from the filter unit. Reopen the water supply to the installation and visually insect the job. Then, turn on the filtered water tap and allow to run for a minute or so to flush it through. Repeat for both the hot and cold taps.

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