How To Detect A Water Leak

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October 17, 2014
January 7, 2015

Water leak is a common fault in the plumbing system of the house but one major problem is that it is often not that simple to detect whether there is some water damage around or not. Homeowners get to know about this issue when they see their water meter is running too fast and the water bill is higher than usual.
In that case, you must readily call a Walworth Plumbers. The methods used by our plumbers for detecting water leaks are dependent on some equipment. Time has made plumbing techniques advance too. There are a number of methods available that can help you detect the water leakage. These include meter detection, dig and drill, infrared thermography and more. Here are some of the common methods used by our plumbers:
Dig and drill
It is the most common method to detect water leakage. It is being used since ages. Although it is a really inexpensive but a drawback of this method is that it leaves many hassles behind. Walls and floors must be dug for fixing up the leakage. In that case, many marks are left on the walls and floors after the job has been completed. Then a homeowner will have to spend more money on the aesthetics.
Metal detection
This is one modern method of detecting water lakes. A digital device is used in this method. Water meter is added to the external point. The meter detects the leakage with the pressure of water. However, it is not much of a reliable method to detect leaks.
Our Plumbers Walworth can help you in figuring out the water leaks by using the most workable and advance methods. Firstly they begin by detecting the visible leaks. We use the advance methods if the leaks are not obvious. We can offer you reliable detection and repair services.

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