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March 17, 2016
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April 24, 2016

You have probably experienced a blocked toilet Walworth more than once; you have also probably had to deal with a blocked sink, bathtub, or shower. These are some of the most commonly experienced plumbing problems in every household. There are numerous ways to solve any of these problems, if you know how to do it, but in most cases it is better to choose professionals to solve a problem with a blocked toilet Walworth. Help of professionals is necessary to save time and stress, and in the end, to save money. This is why it is good not to hesitate before calling our customer service to get such a problem solved in the shortest possible period.

Unblocking a toilet and other plumbing depends on the installation and type of block. In every individual case we will assess thenecessity to unblock with machine cables or with machines using water under high pressure. We provide a guarantee for every unblocking.

We also install plumbing using only top quality materials and tools. We apply pipes of different structures and tolerances to work pressure using methods of cold and warm welding as compression connection, depending on the situation or investor desire. A warranty for certain installations extends up to 50 years from installation.
If you experience a problem with valve leaks in your bathroom, you can try to solve it yourself as this is one of the easier interventions. A valve leak usually happens on the threaded shaft that has rubber on it, which closes or decreases water flow through the valve body, which in most of the cases gets loose and enables a leak.

This isn’t complicated to tighten and prevent further leaks; after you remove the decorative valve cap, you will expose the rubber and shaft and this is where you will see the spot to tighten. This should stop the leak. In case you fail, you can always contact us to solve this problem for you swiftly and efficiently.

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