How to unblock an outside drain

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July 14, 2016

Sometimes you will probably encounter the most unbearable and dirty experience of blocked drains in and outside your home. It is a messy, dirty and smelly problem that can occur in your daily life. An indoor blocked drain is easy to clean by using vinegar and baking soda or a drain opening liquid. Outside drains are difficult to unblock as they are deep and smelly, and it is hard to determine where it is blocked. Getting an appointment from a blocked outside drain Walworth technician to unblock an outside drain is surely an expensive matter. If you want to save some money and aren’t worried about getting a little bit dirty and smelly, try out some of the following DIY techniques to unblock an outside drain.
First find out the right drain where the blockage is. Is it linked to the kitchen or bathroom? When you have located the blockage, open the drain cover, which is normally a flat lid. You can use a screwdriver to open the lid if there is no handle attached to it.
Secondly, look inside the drain. There can be two types of blockages – before and after the chamber. If the drain is filled with water, it means there is a blockage before the drain and it is not difficult to unblock. If you don’t see the water filled in the drain, it means the blockage is after the chamber.
Finally, it might be soil struck between the pipes. Use a long neck rod and push it down in the drain several times. Then pour many buckets of water in the drain. Most of the time this technique helps you and you can clear an outside drain.
If your DIY techniques fail, you have to call the professionals. Walworth technical professionals are one call away.

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