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April 29, 2014
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May 2, 2014


Two saws are usually used. The first is a handsaw that is designed specifically for and used on the floorboards in a building. The second is a jig-saw that is normally electrically powered, but air driven versions of this are available also. They are very good for cutting holes in floors and plasterboard sections. In order to use the jigsaw, drill a hole and place the saw blade inside and with the body of the hacksaw flat on the material that is to be cut, switch on and slowly move the blade forward making the cut, usually over a pencil line for guidance and correct measurements. A Walworth Plumber uses different saws.

Stilson Wrench:

This wrench has a long handle and teeth on the jaws to give great grip. Its primary use is to grip cap nuts and round sections of pipework. The jaws are opened and slipped over the item to be held and then the handles are closed so the jaws come together and grip tightly.

The Ring Spanner:

A spanner with closed ring heads of different sizes on each end. The correct size ring part of the spanner is put over the nut to be undone. The ring gives great grip and means the spanner doesn’t come off when torque is applied. Good for awkward places.

Pipe Cutter:

A small hand held tool that is used to cut copper pipe. Known in the trade as a ”pipe slice” this a very useful tool to have for any plumber either professional or not. Place it over the pipe and turn until the cut is completed. The cutter saves a lot of time and is great when the pipe to be cut is in a very tight space or close to a wall.

The Blowtorch:

This piece of kit is handy for producing a direct heat source for jobs like melting solder on pipework. Usually fed by a can of gas that can be carried easily. Used properly it can be used by and novices as well as professionals. Walworth Plumbers use the blowtorch every day.

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