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May 12, 2016
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June 1, 2016

Washing clothes by hand surely wastes time and energy, so it’s unsurprising that having the modern washer becomes a primary need of the household life. We know you don’t want your washing machine – one of the most precious appliances at home – to experience any damage. Here are some tips to avoid Washing machine repairs Walworth by using the washing machine properly.- Don’t put too many items in one load. Overloading can offset the balance of the drum, which can cause the cycle to fail at the spin cycle, leaving you with sopping wet clothes.
– Wash the garments based on color to prevent any unwanted event to your favorite clothes. Separate between white, black and other colors. The worst mistake you can make when washing clothes is to mix colored clothes and light-colored clothes in the wash cycle. Clothes sometimes can lose some of the dye coloring during the wash cycle, and light-colored fabric will pick up that dye.
– Always check the pockets of clothing before placing them in the drum of your machine.
– Never wash anything with heavy metal fasteners.
– When drying your clothes, please bear in mind that certain fabrics should not be dried in a dryer – woolens and other natural fibres can shrink with heat. It will affect not only the clothes but also the machine.
– Ensure that you always follow the manufacturer’s suggestions for load size. Reading the manual book is essential.
If you’re now dealing with any washing machine breakdown like shaking, producing noise and loud sound, leaking, not filling with water or others, please call an expert on Washing machine repairs Walworth. Experienced technicians are ready to help you out from the trouble. You don’t necessarily have to buy a new washer.

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