Electrocution Danger

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April 29, 2014

First Response:

This is the immediate action taken when a person has been exposed to and touched a live electrical cable and received a shock. This action needs to be quick and decisive and more than anything else, it should be be cool and methodical. Now if there is only one person with the victim, do not touch them. Isolate the electrical supply and if the victim is still in contact with the hazard, then, using an insulated object remove the victim from the hazard. As a last resort pull the victim away from the source with loose clothing but at no point should the victim be touched directly, anywhere. Once free of the electrical hazard put the victim in a position to begin resuscitation if their breathing has stopped. Walworth Plumbers can deal with any emergency situation.


If the victim HAS stopped breathing, pinch the nose and with the head tilted back place the mouth over the victims and blow into the mouth, watching the chest rise and fall. This should be repeated every 5/6 seconds and for approximately 10/12 repeats. An ambulance must be called as soon as possible. If there is no phone at the location, then shout very loudly for assistance or if there is someone else present, then, send them to get some assistance as time is critical. Continue until the victim starts to breathe unaided or the paramedics arrive on the scene.


Hopefully the victim will begin to breathe on their own. If this is the case, then, lay them on their side, with their head sideways and arm extended and the head just touching it, ensuring their airway is clear. Keep them warm. DO NOT try and make the victim sit upright, just keep them still until the ambulance arrives. A Walworth Plumber is trained in first aid procedures. Keep a good watch on the victim and should they vomit, ensure that this is wiped away so that they cannot choke.

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